Welcome to McCullough!

The McCullough staff is committed to the Colonial School District goal: “Improving the Academic Achievement of All Students.” At McCullough Middle School, we provide many opportunities for students to succeed and offer an inviting school environment that facilitates the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of children. We hold fast to the idea that learning encourages success and that assessment, including self-assessment, is a critical part of learning. We realize that students have multiple intelligences that need to be recognized and nurtured, and students learn by taking risks in a student-centered, accepting environment.

Our Vision: McCullough Middle School is challenging students to be academically, socially and technologically prepared for high school and beyond.

Our Motto: Believing, Persevering and Succeeding

Our Profile: Click here for more information about McCullough Middle School and all that we offer.


Become a Colonial for the Day!

William Penn would like to invite 8th grade students to “shadow” a current 9th or 10th grader for the day from November 30th – December  11th.  Interested families should sign up using the link below:...

Order Your Yearbooks!

Yearbooks for the 2015-2016 school year are currently available for pre-order!  They can be purchased from the main office or Ms. Brooke Willis, or they can be purchased right online.  The current price is $20, but limited quantities are available at that price.  Get...