Math Department


Colonial School District uses the Mathematics in Context Curriculum, published by Encyclopedia Brittanica for students in grades 6 to 8.  Mathematics in Context (MiC) is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum reaching students of all levels in grades 6, 7, and 8. It motivates the most reluctant leaner with its realistic contexts and multiple strategies while it challenges the accelerated learner to discover, explore, and understand rich math concepts. The pedagogy and mathematical content are consistent with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ (NCTM) Principles and Standards for School Mathematics as well as the NCTM Focal Points.

To learn more about this program and to access resources associated with the program, please go to

username: colonialstudent
password: micdeco

Students in grade 8 who are enrolled in Integrated Mathematics I use Core-Plus Mathematics, published by McGraw-Hill.  This class is a high school level class that introduces students to Algebra.


Math Intervention Computer Program

Colonial School district is excited to present to parents and students our extra help math program!!!! The “Compass Learning Odyssey” program is programmed to the specific needs of each individual student and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, using internet access.

Compass Learning is a web-based program that enables each student to get help, where they need it, in order to make them a more well-rounded math student.   This interactive program keeps students interested, engaged, and enthused about learning mathematics.  Each student gets a personalized path of instruction to meet their own areas of weakness.  For parents, Compass Learning offers an instant in-home math tutor that teaches and quizzes on areas of need.  It can even answer questions your child may have.  With the pre-test and learning paths that are used, you can be assured that your student is learning, practicing, and mastering the skills they need the most.  All students in Gunning Bedford have been enrolled in the program.  Please follow the instructions below to get your child started today.

Please disable any pop-up blockers on your computer and, if possible, use a web browser other than Internet Explorer.

Then, follow the directions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in username: firstnamelastname (no spaces), password: student 6-digit id number
  3. Change school from Odyssey to: gbms
  4. Then log on.

If you have any difficulties logging on, please contact Mrs. Roy through email at or by calling the school at 832-6280 ext. 3090.


Choose Math Intervention Assignments
Your child will complete a pretest first by clicking on the test link. If there is more than one folder, please choose any of the folders that have the word “Spiral”.  They can work on one folder until it is completed and then move on to the next.

Once they complete the test, the learning path will open.  They should complete the lessons in order from left to right.  If they do not pass a quiz, it will automatically send them back to repeat the lesson one more time.  Once they complete all of the folders, please contact me.  I will then assign another pretest and learning path if they choose to continue in the program.

There is also a separate icon on the home page titled, Math.  The lessons here are separated by concept.  Your child may practice concepts they are learning in class using this icon.

Useful Websites

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Interactive Lessons

Math Games and Lessons