Rewards Reading Program

For students having difficulty decoding longer words, McCullough offers a one marking period course to improve reading proficiency. In a small group, students learn a phonics approach to reading with emphasis on the 44 vowel sounds, prefixes and suffixes. New approaches to spelling words, to vocabulary development, and to faster reading speed are taught.

The class meets for one hour a day. Students are encouraged to participate actively and they move from one activity to another quickly, practicing all the important reading skills. Students are pulled from a science or social studies class for one marking period for the Rewards program. They are not penalized on their grade for missing the science or social studies class.

We pre-test and post-test students to evaluate their progress in reading skills. The results have been phenomenal. Many students are reading one or more grade levels higher after only 10 weeks of instruction. There has been major improvement in decoding large words and reading speeds are much faster than weeks earlier. This program may be a supplement to the System 44 and ReadAbout reading courses offered at McCullough.